Planting Educational Orchards - Inspiring Environmental Stewardship  - Supporting School Gardens

What We Do

We plant orchards in schools and provide educational programs that empower people to grow their own food and be healthy environmental stewards.


The mission of ReTreeUS is to promote an environmentally sustainable, socially just food system through education, practical resources, and mentorship.

Story So Far

In 2008 ReTreeUS became a nonprofit project, 501(c)3 under United Charitable. In 2012 the program established its first educational orchards in schools and with partner nonprofits. Since then, the organization has planted over 50 school and community orchards throughout the state of Maine as well as developing and delivering educational programming, signage and workshops. Each orchard serves as an engaging outdoor classroom. ReTreeUS looks forward to planting many more orchards to come!

Watch this video to learn about our work with the

Maine School Garden Collaborative supporting

school gardens and orchards in Maine!