We are now accepting applications from Maine and New Hampshire for school and community partnership orchards. Apply below today!

ReTreeUS plants educational orchards in public schools and in collaboration with other nonprofits at low or no cost.  Orchards typically consist of apple, pear, peach and plum trees and contain signs for self-guided tours. These signs convey valuable lessons such as the environmental benefits of fruit trees, the importance of pollinators and apple history in Maine.  ReTreeUS provides ongoing support for the orchards and encouarges teachers to use our orchard-based lessons.  Our support is intended to guide your school/organization to cultivate a thriving orchard.  Once the trees are planted they are the responsibility of your school/organization to maintain.  We are here to help guide you along the way and can schedule seasonal lessons in tree pruning and maintenance. Apply here to get started!

Orchard Application

Orchard at Durham Community School

Planted in 2014

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email info@retreeus.org.